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Etiquette Tip

In the US, you should rest your hands in your lap at the dinner table. However, when in France, you should rest your hands on the edge of the table.

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Gain Practical Skills

Dining Etiquette

Have you had an embarrassing situation? Build confidence with good table manners. Essentials of etiquette will provide a true compass towards easing into and out of a social situation. Introductions, functions, utensils, posture and potentially uncomfortable moments are discussed. International rules and modern mores will be explored.

Table Service Technique

Table detail, plate and glassware handling, clearing, wine service, safety, sanitation and sequence of service are the nuts and bolts of table service. Receive hands on experience and learn methods that remove stress and add organization with efficiency. Bonus tableside techniques include fish de-boning, carving, French and Russian service.

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